New Daniel Garofali Photos by Rick Day

Daniel Garofali Photos

Rick Day is charging through 2013 with some new Daniel Garofali photos. The photographer, who is having a great start to the new year, has already brought us this fantastic gallery of Colby Melvin. One of the images from the series even became our most popular Facebook photo in January! This new gallery, however, is all about Australian model Daniel Garofali.

Of course, Rick Day and Daniel Garofali have a long history. The two were practically inseperable in 2012, working on projects ranging from the C-IN2 campaign to Daniel’s mustache series for Adon. Day knows how to make the most of Daniel Garofali’s masculine appearance and sensual poses. Whenever we see that they’re working together, we know we’re in for a treat.

The new Daniel Garofali photos do not disappoint. As usual, Garofali is full of confidence and energy in front of Day’s lens. His wardrobe is eye-catching, with pieces including a paisley track suit and a Rolling Stones beater. Unsurprisingly, Garofali eventually strips down to his briefs, which are bedazzled / decorated with a print of a grenade across the crotch.

Will we be seeing a lot of Rick Day and Daniel Garofali this year? We can only hope.

Photo Credit: Rick Day

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