Top 10 Colby Melvin Photos


Everyone loves looking at pictures of themselves, but for a model who is photographed constantly, does it ever get boring? Are there ever too many photos? We’re guessing not. With new pictures taken all the time, though, keeping a list of favorite photos could definitely be challenging. We reached out to Colby Melvin with 10 photos taken of him to see if any of them were among his most favorite photos he’d ever taken. Turns out, most of them were! He ranks 10 Colby Melvin photos, and describes what is special about each.

Check out these Colby Melvin photos, with commentary from the golden boy below. Which is your favorite?

10. “Just Woke Up”

I love the comfort in this picture. You can tell that I wasn’t trying for sexy, but yet still has this we just woke up next to each other feel.


9. “The Shot that I wanted”

When I went to New York this is THE shot that I wanted. Me in Times Square in my underwear. For me, it was this whole “I’ve made it” moment.


8. “The Wonder in my eyes”

This Cover Male shoot was my first national campaign.  You can definitely see the wonder in my eyes and I love being able to look back and see where it all started.

7. “Emotion is the only accessory”

This picture is so simple yet so telling. I love when emotion is the only accessory of a shot.


6. “It’s so me!”

I love this one because it’s so me! Brandon says he’s seen me make that face in bed quite a few times (mainly when I want him to get me something from the kitchen).


5. “Balance of innocence and passion”

This was my first shoot with Gabriel Gastelum and right after I moved to L.A. I feel like my eyes in this entire series display what I was feeling and where I was at with my life at the time.  It’s got this balance of innocence and passion.


4. “Yin and yang”

James Dean is one of my biggest icons. I love the contrast in this picture. Him in a darkened reserved lighting holding his turtleneck and me bright and almost bare letting out a lot of emotion. It’s got this whole yin and yang feeling going on.


3. “Completely immersed”

Suspended Medication is about getting lost in our own personal worlds. I love how Devin perfectly captures me completely immersed in my own personal reality.


2. “Masculinity, vulnerability, and sexiness”

What can I say? Rick Day is the master of taking the male form and balancing masculinity, vulnerability, and sexiness.


1. “Turning it around”

The splatter shoot represents a lot of things for me. I grew up as the target of a lot of bullying. There was a lot of name calling and torment. For me the entire shoot is about embracing and wearing the multitude of shit slinging we all have to endure and turning it around for our advantage.


Favorite Animated GIF

What can I say? It’s my personality in a nutshell. I had no idea this was being filmed! I was just goofing off as usual.
Photo Credit: Andrew Chrisitan, Patrick Mark, Gabriel Gastelum, Paul Boulon, Aydin Arjomand, Rick Day, Devin Mitchell

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