Underwear Recommendations for Adam Levine

Adam Levine Underwear Recommendations

It’s a well-known fact that Adam Levine loves underwear. The Maroon 5 singer was spotted so often in his undies that we even made a gallery of our five favorite Adam Levine underwear moments! Luckily for everyone, Levine looks really good in a pair of boxer briefs. Our readers were drawn to his vocal appreciation of underwear and his confidence in showing it off. One Adam Levine underwear sighting ended up ranking number two in our list of the most popular Facebook photos from 2012! From acting as a judge on The Voice, to the music videos from the latest Maroon 5 album, Adam Levine is becoming a big name in the underwear world. Maybe one day there will even be an Adam Levine underwear line. Who knows?

Since underwear is kind of our speciality here at The Underwear Expert, we decided to give some unsolicited advice to Mr. Levine. He’s usually spotted wearing Calvin Klein Underwear, which is great, but it wouldn’t hurt to branch out a little bit. So, without further ado, here are five suggestions to give his underwear drawer a little boost.

5. Rufskin Carmel Brief


From the California Vintage collection, the Rufskin Carmel Brief would way for Adam Levine to switch things up. It’s a smart, sexy brief that keeps things classy enough for celebrity, but raunchy enough for a rock star.

4. Diesel Under Denim Trunk

Nothing screams “I’m a rock star” more than denim. Look at Bruce Springsteen! Diesel knows that denim looks cool in that blue collar, James Dean way. The Diesel Under Denim trunk is the perfect way to get that attitude under your pants.

3. Sly Splatter Boxer Briefs

For the most part, Adam Levine sticks with solid colored underwear. That’s great for daily dressing, but wouldn’t it be nice to have something a little zany for special occasions? Here’s a fun boxer brief from Sly that has charm without going too far off the beaten path.

2. Calvin Klein Bold Micro Boxer Brief

I know we said to switch brands every once in a while, but maybe Adam’s a diehard Calvin Klein fan. There’s nothing wrong with having a favorite, especially if your favorite is as iconic as Calvin Klein Underwear. If you’re sticking  with the Calvins, we suggest trying out the Calvin Klein Bold Micro boxer brief. There are a bunch of colors and it’s hard to find a better bet for everyday underwear wearing.

1. 2(X)IST Gold Brief

Adam Levine isn’t just a singer anymore. The guy has just about achieved royal status among the pop music elite. There’s no need to be modest about it anymore. If he’s looking for a pair of underwear that is comfortable, sexy and a little bit flashy, he couldn’t go wrong with the 2(X)IST Gold brief. The truth is, rock stars are just like anyone else. They need underwear that offers good support, feels comfortable, makes them look good and expreses their personalities.

Happy underwear shopping, Adam Levine! We’re hoping your next underwear sighting proves us right.

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