Vincenzo Laera Underwear Photoshoot

Vincenzo Laera Underwear image

In a recent photoshoot for a new edition of the Spanish magazine TenMag, there was some very clear Vincenzo Laera underwear love going on for many brands. The photoshoot captured models Nicolas Buss, Tomo Kurata, Jakob Christian, Alex Klose, Lucian Groh and David Koch. While the Vincenzo Laera underwear photoshoot captures many other awesome style choices by the models, such as rain jackets, crosses, rosary beads, hoodies and some baseball caps, the designer underwear from brands like Dolce & Gabanna, Boss Orange, Dirk Bikkemsberg, Dior Homme, AussieBum and Polo Ralph Lauren is what really shines through.

In the Vincenzo Laera underwear photoshoot, Vincenzo shoots his models in simple backgrounds like an amazing baby blue as well as black and white, and makes things interesting with all the models’ different facial expressions, ranging from seductive to mysterious and slightly goofy looks. Whatever his intention, Vincenzo sure made us smile!

Check out the gallery from the Vincenzo Laera underwear photoshoot below and let us know what you think!

For information of these brands: AussieBum, Polo Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabanna 

Photo Credit: Vincenzo Laera

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