Ryan Barrett for Versace Men’s Underwear


It’s hard to think of a more elegant pair of briefs than a pair of Versace men’s underwear. Just say the name – Versace. It flows from your mouth with a syrupy thickness that sounds seriously extravagant. When your pants come off at the end of the night and that special someone asks you, “what kind of underwear is that?” you want to be able to tell them it’s Versace. Practice saying it in front of the mirror with a cocky smirk, and you’ll be ready to seal the deal.

Ryan Barrett is the latest face of Versace men’s underwear. It’s not hard to see why the Italian brand picked him. He embodies everything with which the company has been associated. He’s tall, handsome, disarmingly attractive and startlingly confident. He looks like the kind of man who didn’t just buy his rings, he unearthed them while treasure hunting on Malta.

The photo was shot by photography duo Mert and Marcus for the Versace men’s underwear Spring/Summer 2013 campaign. If you know someone in your life who seems to have everything – an obnoxiously wealthy uncle or a world-traveling lover, perhaps – consider a pair of Versace men’s underwear for a holiday gift that will not be forgotten. Then again, maybe you’re just headstrong enough to want them for yourself.

Versace Men's Underwear

For more information about this brand: Versace

Photo Credit: Versace


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