Ronaldo Gutierrez for Briefs

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In Ronaldo Gutierrez for Briefs, photographer Ronaldo Gutierrez captures models Caio Alves, Diego Bernardo, Lucas Costa and Danniel Navarro in an awesome shoot that’s only about the boys in their underwear. Ronaldo Gutierrez for Briefs, which features underwear from a Briefs Men Underwear Brazil collection, doesn’t do anything too crazy, and there’s a perfect reason for that.

As one of Briefs Men Underwear Brazil’s November photoshoots proved, their underwear rocks with style. The Ronaldo Gutierrez for Briefs photoshoot is equally impressive by the same principles. As you’ll notice in the awesome gallery below, Ronaldo Gutierrez for Briefs doesn’t need to use crazy flames, ridiculous acrobatics, or models jumping out of planes to make this underwear look great; its style explodes all on its own!

Check out the gallery from Ronaldo Gutierrez for Briefs below and let us know what you think!

For more information on this brand: Briefs Men Underwear Brazil

Photo Credit: Ronaldo Gutierrez

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