Ray John Pila Captures Scott Gardner Underwear

Scott Gardner Underwear Image

Photographer Ray John Pila recently held a photo shoot and caught some Scott Gardner underwear; the resulting photos reflect a sunglass-wearing side of Scott that’s super masculine and darkly creative. The Scott Gardner underwear photos are great stylistically, black and white with stark and sharply defined features.

The only thing we found a little weird was Scott’s wearing of nothing but a trench coat, designer sunglasses and some Emporio Armani briefs in a couple of the shots. Did anyone else picture Scott gearing up to be a streaker at a football game? Hey, at least he was wearing Emporio Armani briefs… he would have been a classy streaker… right? No? Ok, sorry.

Check out the gallery below of the Scott Garder underwear photos by Ray John Pila and let us know what it looks like to you!

For more information of this brand: Emporio Armani

Photo Credit: Ray John Pila

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