10 Really Hot Quinn Jaxon Photos

Hottest Quinn Jaxon Photos Image

Quinn Jaxon, known by many as “the straight guy” of the Andrew Christian model crew, has consistently been a fan favorite thanks to his scruffy good looks and goofy personality. One of the best qualities of Quinn’s is the “realness” of his looks. He’s not one of those photoshopped Ken doll types you often see in underwear campaigns. Look at any collection of Quinn Jaxon photos and you’ll be struck by his approachable charm and guy-next-door handsomeness.

As an early holiday gift for all the Quinn fans out there, we’ve put together a gallery of the 10 hottest Quinn Jaxon photos, in which you’ll see Quinn do things with a jockstrap that most of us could never even fathom.

To give a little bit of backstory, Quinn has had quite an interesting life for being in his early twenties. He’s a professionally trained dancer, he’s worked on a cruise ship and he’s currently training to be a stunt man. Check out The Underwear Expert’s exclusive interview with Quinn Jaxon in which he talks about nude modeling, Andrew Christian and being a total romantic at heart.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 hottest Quinn Jaxon photos that we’ve ever seen. Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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