Lots of Love for Ellen Underwear

by The Underwear Expert

Look out, people, Ellen Underwear is on the rise!

Since its first airing in 2003, The Ellen Degeneres Show has won 32 Daytime Emmy awards, and after conquering the television broadcasting world, Ellen underwear seems to be a new growing trend.

After the actor/comedian’s show established its own clothing line, it wasn’t long until Ellen underwear became one of the show’s biggest sellers. The Ellen underwear has been seen on the rear ends of some of our favorite celebrity underwear-advocates, including Justin Beiber, Chord Overstreet and even the underwear big-wigs such as Mario Lopez and David Beckham.

In opening up the Ellen underwear line to all her fans, Ellen Degeneres and the store directors from her show released tons of different design and color choices, really spicing up her undies! The store features Ellen underwear for men and women alike, not to mention an entire clothing line of shirts, hats, pants, etc.

Of all the Ellen underwear, the men’s underwear section alone features 8 different boxer brief design choices, including red, white, hot pink, grey, black (with grey, white or black waistband) and a multi-striped option; more than we see from some established clothing lines altogether! In an episode of her show, the TV host even made a special pair of singing Ellen underwear for singer and underwear enthusiast Adam Levine.

With plenty of TV fans buying her Ellen underwear left and right, who knows, perhaps the show’s skivvies could become a growing trend in the underwear world. Trust us, if it does, we’ll be the first ones talking about it.


Photo Credit: The Ellen Degeneres Show


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