Greg Rutherford in Boxer Briefs and More Celeb Undies

This week in celebrity underwear sightings, we spotted a couple of guys doing good deeds while stripped down. First on the list is Greg Rutherford in boxer briefs. Rutherford is an Olympic gold medal winning long jumper. He dropped trou for a charity art event to raise awareness of testicular cancer. As you can see from the photo, the event was not-so-subtly sponsored by Groupon. Rutherford looks like he made a great live model for the event, and those Union Jack boxer briefs are definitely a good fit for an Olympian.


Next on the list we saw British actor Charlie Bewley, who played “Demetri” in the Twilight films. Bewely was also feeling kind-hearted; he participated in the Vancouver 2012 Underwear Affair, which benefits cancer research. He’s looking great in a pair of black briefs with a wide, orange waistband.


We also spotted Paris Hilton’s new boyfriend: “that guy in your college biology class who played sports.” He’s actually Spanish model River Viiperi, who could probably stand to buy a cooler swimsuit. River’s got a great body. He should try showing it off a little bit.


Dustin Clare is becoming better known for his acting in the “Spartacus” series, but here we seem him dropping his pants for the Australian series, “Satisfaction.” Those briefs are perfect examples of an excellent, minimalist look. Nothing here is fancy, but everything here is right.


Finally, we saw Blake Anderson, the actor from Comedy Central’s “Workaholics.” Yeah he’s a comedian, but he’s actually not in bad shape. His purple trunks are a nice pair to wear with his cop-stripper costume.

Photo Credit: Boxers or Briefs, Male Celeb News, Digital Spy