Dream Love Live Underwear Photoshoot

Dream Love Live underwear image

In a new Dream Love Live underwear photoshoot for teamm8, fitness trainer and model Jesse Hogan stripped down to his skivvies at Ol’ MacDonald’s Farm. Okay, so we’re not sure it was Ol’ MacDonald’s Farm, but it was in a barn somewhere…


The Dream Love Live underwear photoshoot, which is all kinds of steamy, really does takes place in a barn. Captured by James Demitri, the photoshoot is “all about masculine sensuality and confidence.” Because when you think about sensuality… you think about a barn, right? But jokes aside, Jesse radiates sexuality in his white teamm8 briefs like no livestock we’ve ever seen. Jesse’s not afraid to strip on down for the good of the underwear biz, and with his fitness-trainer-esque body, he really shouldn’t be.

Through the Dream Love Live photoshoot, Demitri plays around in the hay and shamelessly pours steamy water all over his chest in the barn bath. Here’s to hoping that hay’s not as prickly and uncomfortable as it looks.

Photo Credit: James Demitri

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