David Bertozzi Underwear Photoshoot Blooms

David Bertozzi underwear 09

In a photoshoot by Danny Garcon for Vanity Teen, some David Bertozzi underwear photos look ready for the cover of a different magazine… like Home & Garden! The photoshoot, which features David Bertozzi underwear-clad and decorated with white flowers, captures all the cuteness of that miserable puppy you dressed up last Halloween… but really.

Danny Garcon captures the the Canadian model well, and his white briefs compliment the David Bertozzi underwear photoshoot nicely. The best part of the photoshoot, however, is the flower headband David has in each shot. The looks on David’s face throughout the shoot are too funny, and you can’t help but wonder what he’s thinking. Regardless of how big the flowered headpieces get, the David Bertozzi underwear photoshoot is still totally controlled by David’s captivating looks. We’re sold.

Check out the gallery from the David Bertozzi underwear photoshoot below and let us know what you think!

Photo Credit: Danny Garcon



One thought on “David Bertozzi Underwear Photoshoot Blooms

  1. Russell (CJ) Hunter says:

    ??Have you ever done any photo shoots in a carwash? I can just picture a guy getting sprayed and foam brushed. OR even a guy getting all wshed up in an automatic. How about a laundromat? A male model sitting on a washer with his legs inside (running with soap is up to you) or sitting in a dryer?

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