Daniel Garofali Grows a (Fake) Mustache

Daniel Garofali Mustache Image

The Underwear Expert and Daniel Garofali recently teamed up to bring readers of The Underwear Expert a guide to Daniel’s favorite spots in New York City. Through images, an interview and five exclusive videos, we got a tour of what life is like for the Australian model now that he’s a full-fledged New Yorker. Now, Garofali is back and at it again with Rick Day in a series for Adon Magazine. The editorial, titled “Stiff Upper Lip,” features Garofali, along with Travis Hanson and Brian Shimansky, sporting fake mustaches and wearing apparel designed by Matistache.

The Rick Day – Daniel Garofali duo is hardly a recent development. Perhaps their most famous pairing is the C-IN2 Grip campaign which features Garofali as a gymnast.  They always seem to bring out the best of each other, and this editorial for Adon is no exception. Garofali is appropriately goofy and charming. Hanson and Shimansky also hold their own in front of Day’s camera. 

Check out the Daniel Garofali mustache photos below and let us know which Day/Garofali shoot is your favorite.

Daniel Garofali Mustache 6

Daniel Garofali Mustache 1

Daniel Garofali Mustache 2

Daniel Garofali Mustache 3

Daniel Garofali Mustache 4

Daniel Garofali Mustache 5

Daniel Garofali Mustache 7

Photo Credit: Rick Day for Adon Magazine

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