Alex Rosaleny by Anton Jhonsen

Alex Rosaleny by Anton Jhonsen image

In this photoshoot of Alex Rosaleny by Anton Jhonsen, Alex (Alejandro) explores a sort-of sandy cavern from the Uluwatu beach in Bali that’s just plain awesome. Besides the fact that we’ve never heard of someone exploring cave-like beaches in their underwear, Alex Rosaleny by Anton Jhonsen is great in that it takes a fascinating look at lighting and color. All the photos we see of Alex in this mysterious cave are so dark and masculine that the color photos of him stepping into the sun on the beach at the end of the shoot are, in short, worth the wait. Kind of like waiting until the end of Annie to hear the song “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.”

Again, a little weird to be exploring caves in underwear (don’t try this at home, folks!), but regardless, this photoshoot is beautiful and definitely worth taking a look!

Check out the gallery of Alex Rosaleny by Anton Jhonsen below and let us know what you think!

Photo Credit: Anton Jhonsen

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