Agua de Coco Swimwear Lifts Off

Agua de Coco swimwear image

In a new campaign for the 2013 Agua de Coco swimwear collection, model Leo Peixoto explored a beautiful mountainside while being photographed by Eduardo Rezende. Eduardo captures Leo in a wide range of angles and backgrounds, and the swimwear’s different in every photo. The most interesting part of the photoshoot is definitely its focus around Leo in his Agua de Coco swimwear, which oh-so-conveniently matches all the hot-air balloons in the shoot…

The color schemes in this Agua de Coco swimwear shoot, however, are amazing. The pastel blues, yellows and reds give the photos and the swimwear a fun and sexy look, and what could be more fun that riding around in hot air balloons? We’ll tell you what is: riding on hot-air balloons in Agua de Coco swimwear… duh!

Check out the gallery from the Agua de Coco swimwear photoshoot below and let us know what you think!

Photo Credit: Eduardo Rezende

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