Actor Paul Cram Gets Festive

Paul Cram image

Today’s daily package features actor Paul Cram, who apparently spent fifteen minutes in his underwear just to cut out this awesome Star Wars themed snowflake!

How are you decorating for the holidays, and more importantly, are you doing it in your underwear?
 Photo Credit: Paul Cram

4 thoughts on “Actor Paul Cram Gets Festive

  1. Brian says:

    Well first of all i love a man in underware — well really out— but that’s another story. I really love this picture it’s hot , but i really love your thighs,i love a great pair of thighs i love to run my finger over them and anything else that may pop up.

    • Paul Cram says:

      Hi Brian, Thanks you. I don’t think I can recall ever getting a compliment on my thighs before. But I have been biking several miles a day for the past 2 years, maybe that has something to do with them now. Merry Christmas!

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