Zvonimir Ramljak in C-IN2

Zvonimir Ramljak in C-IN2 Image

Photographer Amer Kadic shot this black and white series featuring the relatively new model, Zvonimir Ramljak. The images are simple in content but dramatic in structure. Kadic uses dark shadows and strong lighting to enhance the definition of the model and the presentation of the underwear. Zvonimir Ramljak in C-IN2 briefs is confident and composed throughout the series. Though a fresh face, he displays notable skill with the observer’s attention solely on him and his underwear.

We’ve seen a lot of great items from C-IN2 recently, including the C-IN2 Zen Slider which we recommended in our review. In another C-IN2 underwear review from earlier in October, we praised the C-IN2 Pop Colors Profile brief  for its style and comfy fit as well as both fashion forward and extremely comfortable.

With so many great offerings just in the past month, C-IN2 was a great choice for Kadic’s shoot. Zvonimir Ramljak in C-IN2 makes for a visually interesting subject of the series and the model was clearly up to the task of holding the viewer’s attention.

What do you think of C-IN2’s most recent lines? Do you think we’ll be seeing more of Zvonimir Ramljak?

For more information about this brand: C-IN2

Photo Credit: Amer Kadic

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