Vasil by Georgi Andinov

Vasil by Georgi Andinov Image

Bulgarian photographer Georgi Andrinov recently released a great gallery from a photoshoot with his newest model, Vasil Dipchikov entitled Vasil by Georgi Andinov. The photos, all black and white with the exception of one, do a beautiful job of capturing model Vasil in the bedroom. The coolest part, visually, is the way the strips of sunlight through the window blinds racing across his body a different way with every shot.

Vasil by Georgi Andinov may take place in the bedroom, but model Vasil Dipchikov is certainly no victim of bed-head. The model’s hair as gelled back to shine just as bright as his diamond earring! With an awesome star tattooed on his neck as well, Vasil by Georgi Andinov brings together all the cool bad-boy aspects of the model with heavenly whites of the morning bedroom, all of which are topped off by Vasil’s classic white Calvin Klein Underwear briefs.

Check out Vasil by Georgi Andinov below, and let us know what you think!

For more information on this brand: Calvin Klein Underwear

Photo Credit: Georgi Andinov

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