Robert Pattinson Underwear Sighting and More Celeb Undies


This week in celebrity underwear sightings, we caught spotted the underwear on two Twilight stars. Yes, we have another Robert Pattinson underwear sighting and this time it’s because his boxers were all bunched up. Rob, we have the solution. Don’t let saggy underwear get you down.

Pattinson’s buddy Taylor Lautner was  spotted rolling around on a lawn. We’re not sure what he was trying to do, but it gave us a glimpse of his Calvin Klein boxer briefs. An excellent choice from Mr. Lautner.

David Beckham, who debuted new photos of his H&M Bodywear line earlier this week, showed off his boxer briefs to a stadium of soccer fans at a L.A. Galaxy match. Does he give his teammates free underwear? We certainly hope so.

Finally, Dwyane Wade used a pair of Papi boxer briefs for a Halloween costume. Do you think it belongs on The Underwear Expert ‘s Top 10 Halloween Costumes list?  

Other celebrity underwear sightings this week included Henri Castelli and Michael Phelps. Both were in Rio and show off their swimsuits of choice. Check out the full gallery below and let us know who you think looked the best this week.

For more information about these brands: Calvin Klein Underwear, Papi

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but on the Taylor Lautner picture? From what I’ve seen of the Calvin Klein Pro Stretch Reflex series, every variety of boxer or trunk has a distinctive hem line running up side at a diagonal. The only cut I’ve seen in the series where this hem is absent, as it appears to be absent here, is the brief. This, combined with Taylor disclosing on the Regis and Kelly program that he wears briefs from time to time, leads me to believe that he is indeed wearing briefs in this still from his movie Abduction. If anyone else has any observations on this, I would love to hear them.

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