Lucas Medeiros for Sergio K

Lucas Medeiros Sergio K Image

Brazilian fashion house Sergio K. released its summer 2013 lookbook featuring Lucas Medeiros. The fresh faced model, who is also Brazilian, is based out of Sao Paolo and New York City. He shows off the brand’s newest underwear and swimwear offerings in a series of simple, garment-centric photos. While the series was photographed to focus on the apparel, Sergio K. makes good use of Medeiros’s boyish, 6’1″ frame – in one photo giving him a strategically placed pillow, on which “Let’s Get Naked” is embroidered. Although only a lookbook series, Lucas Medeiros for Sergio K displays the brand’s 2013 potential with simplicity and charm.

The brand is named for 29 year old Sergio Luiz Kamalakian Savone, who has become quite a force in South American fashion at a young age. Sergio K has become immensely popular among Brazilian celebrities (and celebrity wannabes) including actors, tv personalities and musicians.

In the photos below, Lucas Medeiros for Sergio K shows off the basically constructed but elegantly designed new releases. The cuts are modestly decorated with the brand’s signature gold or blue logo. The company has focused on competitive pricing, high quality and inovation in its lines. Its advertising has been the source of some discussion due to the hiring of controversial fashion photographer Terry Richardson for the production of an earlier campaign.

Between smart advertising, a focus on high quality, celebrity endorsements and reasonable pricing, Sergio K. has capitalized on the hole in the preppy market in South America and has enjoyed several years of resulting popularity.

Check out the brand’s new summer 2013 lines below. Will the Brazilian brand be in your drawers next year?

For more information about this brand: Sergio K.

Photo Credit: Sergio K.

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