Lucas Malvacini Wears ES Collection

Lucas Malvacini in ES Collection Image

Photographer Leo Castro has shot this new series in which Lucas Malvacini wears ES Collection. The model poses at dusk in shorts and swimwear on a sandy beach and among leafy weeds along the shore. Malvacini is shirtless and unshaven – a solitary tattoo on his left forearm and a coil of bracelets are the only adornments on his otherwise bare body.

We’ve seen some great work from Leo Castro before. The photographer likes his darker shoots and along with the muscular Maiko Lima and the steaming Sidney Alan, this shoot is one of the best we’ve come across from him. Lucas Malvacini wears ES Collection with style and confidence as he poses against a deep blue sky. The waves are inky with pale gray crowns as they crest behind his front-lit torso. The water bleeds into the cloudy sky at the horizon, creating a somber backdrop for the twisting model.

While Lucas Malvacini wears ES Collection well, this series sets a notably different tone than the official campaign from the brand itself. The ES Collection 2012 campaign was bright, light-hearted and sun-soaked. Here, Malvacini and Castro have created a more contemplative gallery that emphasizes the soft colors of the night and the eerie blur of the shadows.

Has Leo Castro created a compelling series? Does Lucas Malvacini effectively model ES Collection?

Fore more information about this brand: ES Collection

Photo Credit: Leo Castro

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