Jurgen Horn in Calvin Klein

Jurgen Horn in Calvin Klein 4

What would we have changed if we were the creators of LOST? Obviously we would have written a different ending and probably edited out most of season 3, but most importantly, we would have cast all the characters as underwear models. That’s the look David Brad achieved in his series staring Jurgen Horn in Calvin Klein boxer briefs. The editorial, titled Striking Island Diaries, is a mix of color and black and white images of Horn posing on a mysterious beach. The New York based model wears both Calvin Klein boxer briefs and Tommy Hilfiger underwear. Throughout the series, Horn also wears apparel from Diesel Jeans, G-Star and Ralph Lauren.

Brad was aided by hair stylist Marina Eigenseher and photo-assistant Dominik Branski. The brightly lit series highlights the angles of Horn’s strong jaw, the shine of his well-kept hair and the model’s excellent physique. Also… those eyes. Horn holds a gaze that could knock anyone dead as he climbs through the rocks and lounges in the sand.

David Brad’s editorial of Jurgen Horn in Calvin Klein is one of the better surf and sand galleries we’ve seen in a while. The glimmering water and glowing beach are appealing backdrops for Horn’s modeling, wich has definitely caught our attention.

Should Horn get his own LOST spinoff?

For more information about these brands: Calvin Klein Underwear, Tommy Hilfiger

Photo credit: David Brad

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