Julian Gabriel for TFabiano Beachwear

Julian Gabriel for TFabiano Image

Julian Gabriel continues his stand out year with a new series for a Brazilian swimwear brand. Julian Gabriel for TFabiano Beachwear is the official campaign displaying the South American brand’s latest offerings. Gabriel is, of course, an excellent choice by the company. TFabiano Beachwear focuses on fun, sun and recreation. Julian Gabriel embodies these pleasures in this gallery.

If it seems like you couldn’t avoid Julian Gabriel this year, that’s because he was everywhere. Not only was the model named one of the sexiest men alive by DNA Magazine, he was the cover model. We’ve seen Gabriel modeling in everything from Andrew Christian to Calvin Klein Underwear. His swoopy hair and toned body seem to work with any brand, but as a company that is going for a laid-back beach vibe, TFabiano Beachwear seems to be an especially good fit.

Recently we saw Julian Gabriel back in the States for a shoot with Nick Wei. Gabriel posed in front of the One World Trade Center for an impressive portfolio update. The series invokes a different mood than the sunny photos for the Brazilian brand. Gabriel’s ability to appear commanding in both galleries is a testament to his strength as a model.

Check out Julian Gabriel for TFabiano Beachwear below and let us know what was your favorite Gabriel shoot of the year.

For more information about this brand: TFabiano Beachwear

Photo Credit: Dale Stine

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