Julian Gabriel by Nick Wei


Julian Gabriel by Nick Wei is a masterful portfolio update for the American model. Posing in front of the Manhattan skyline with the One World Trade Center towering behind, Gabriel wears a pair of jeans for several shots before he strips them off to reveal his Calvin Klein briefs.

Gabriel has had quite the year. The model was the cover man for DNA Magazine‘s “Sexiest Men Alive” edition. We’ve seen Gabriel in everything from Andrew Christian to Diesel, his scruffy good looks and toned body always showing the underwear at its best. After such a successful year with so much international recognition, it’s good to see Gabriel back at home with the iconic World Trade Center construction site as a visually compelling backdrop.

It’s clear from these shots that Gabriel hasn’t lost any muscle in all his hard work this year. Nick Wei has done a great job of capturing Gabriel’s strength in both black and white images and sepia-toned photos. Julian Gabriel by Nick Wei is a proud finale to an explosive year for the model and a notable effort from the photographer.

Check out the images below and let us know which of Julian Gabriel’s shoots was your favorite this year.

For more information about this brand: Calvin Klein Underwear

Julian Gabriel by Nick Wei 2

Julian Gabriel by Nick Wei 4

Julian Gabriel by Nick Wei 3

Julian Gabriel by Nick Wei 1

Photo Credit: Nick Wei

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