Joseph Odorisio by Joseph Smileuske

Joseph Odorisio by Joseph Smileuske Image

Size makes all the difference in this new gallery of Joseph Odorisio by Joseph Smileuske. Odorisio is monstrously bulked up!  The muscular model is photographed by Smileuske for a portfolio update that’s sure to impress. Odorisio wears Calvin Klein Underwear and Emporio Armani boxer briefs among other selections of briefs and undergarments for the series. He poses  in front of the Manhattan skyline with the iconic Empire State Building towering in the background. No doubt Smileuske placed Odorisio in front of the building to draw size comparisons, emphasizing the sheer enormity of his model.

Joseph Odorisio by Joseph Smileuske is in stark contrast to a recent gallery by Darren Black of Bjorn Buckley. Buckley embraces the skinny-fit style that has been both extremely popular and often controversial since the emergence of the heroin chic modeling trend in the 90s. Odorisio, on the other hand, is a healthy looking beast of a man. He seems to be almost bursting out of the blue Calvin Klein briefs as he stretches back and gazes at the camera confidently. His hairy thighs are swollen with strength even as he lies back on an outdoor mattress. Bam!

For more information about these brands: Calvin Klein Underwear, Emporio Armani

Photo Credit: Joseph Smileuske

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