James Milner Brief Lines and Other Celebrity Underwear Sightings

James Milner Image

This week in an admittedly b-list heavy edition of  celebrity underwear sightings, we saw James Milner brief lines that would make his mother blush. The English National Team soccer star proved that he was a briefs man, along with Luke Scrase  and Mike Manning who were a bit more willing to show their underwear to the world.

Scrase, of Big Brother fame, posed in a studio wearing a baseball cap, a hoodie and a pair of sunglasses. Our expertise lies mainly in underwear, but the guy could probably stand to lose an accessory or two.

Mike Manning, from Real World DC, posed in front of a cityscape in some blue boxer briefs. It’s not a bad shot, really. It turns out that Manning is heavily involved with LGBT causes, so he wins bonus points for being a good guy.

Readers of The Underwear Expert will have probably seen David Beckham’s new holiday line. In case you missed it, however, we put it into our celebrity underwear sightings roundup for this week. As usual, Beckham rocks his boxer briefs with style and festive class.

Finally, San Francisco Giants  pitcher Brian Wilson took a mirror cell phone pic. We don’t normally endorse this move and Wilson’s somewhat awkward and blurry image hasn’t changed our minds.

Check out the full gallery below and let us know who you thought looked the best this week.

Photo Credit: Boxers or Briefs, David Beckham Bodywear for H&M