Gwen Pauls by Jeremy Kost

Gwen Paul by Jeremy Kost image

In a beautiful photo shoot of Nathalie Model’s Gwen Pauls by Jeremy Kost, Gwen poses in some nice white Emporio Armani briefs. The Paris apartment photo shoot uses amazingly creative, experimental and abstract photography techniques, all in thanks to the Polaroid expert, Jeremy Kost.

In some photos from the shoot, we see model Gwen Pauls assume a rather ghost-like appearance that’s so cool, the only thing that tops it is his choice in underwear. The technique and texture in the photos of Gwen Pauls by Jeremy Kost, however, come from Jeremy’s expertise in Polaroid photo manipulation. Assuming the bold title of the “natural heir to [Andy] Warhol,” Jeremy does all sorts of effects and photo styles utilizing Polaroid film, sometimes even linking together multiple photographs to create Picasso type style.

In this photo shoot, Jeremy Kost uses his expert skill to create a beautiful, and still very simple collection of photographs.

Check out the pics below and let us know what you think!

For more info on this brand: Emporio Armani

Photo Credit: Jeremy Kost

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