David Law Wears Todd Sanfield

David Law WearsTodd Sanfield Image

Todd Sanfield models for his own line of underwear, but it’s always great to see another model giving us a different take on the style of the brand. In this gallery we have a series from Thomas Synnamon in which David Law wears Todd Sanfield boxer briefs. Thomas Synnamon photographed this set of images for Lash Magazine.

There are essentially two parts to this series. In the first, David Law wears Todd Sanfield underwear, but in the second he bundles up in a sweater and peacoat for several suave winter portraits. Law is a versatile model and his distinguished good looks work for both the underwear shots and the winter-wear photos. Thomas Synnamon does a great job of capturing Law’s well-groomed masculinity in his gallery.

Recently, we also saw Thomas Synnamon photograph Justin Clynes in Todd Sanfield underwear. Sanfield, of course, has nothing but good things to say about Thomas Synnamon and his photography. “Thomas is a great photographer,” Synnamon told The Underwear Expert. “I love seeing my underwear used in other photo shoots.  The line is not all about me, it is about the underwear and how it looks on other males/models.”

Have a look at David Law below and let us know what you think of Thomas Synnamon’s gallery. Does Law model Todd Sanfield underwear as well as Justin Clynes?

For more information about this brand: Todd Sanfield Collection


Photo Credit: Thomas Synnamon

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