Christopher Cote Models in Briefs


Christopher Cote models in a pair of tight, white briefs for photographer Perry Senecal in the below series. Cote, a Quebec native, is of East Indian and French Canadian descent. The aspiring fitness model has a powerful build on his tall frame. Senecal shoots several images of Cote wearing a sweater or beater to show off the Canadian model’s striking arms and thick neck.

The series, titled Christo, works to show off Cote’s face, body and that je ne sais quoi quality that gives him so much potential. Whether he’s lost in thought or smirking at the camera, his dark eyebrows and strong chin make him seem approachable, even friendly–a skill that so many models never seem to develop. Finally, Cote is clearly not one of those models who refuses to eat. He’s fit, lean and mean, but his body maintains a healthy, athletic shape rather than exposing a rib-countable torso.  Senecal doesn’t mess around with fancy sets or costumes for his model. Cote is shown more or less as-is; it’s a simple series that highlights the model’s good natured charm and strength-focused body.

Will we see Christopher Cote model in big name magazines? Does he have what it takes to make it as a fitness model? Let us know what you think after having a look at the gallery below.





Photo Credit: Perry Senecal

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