Bjorn Buckley Brings It


It wouldn’t be hard to divide most underwear models into two camps: muscular powerhouses and wispier, boyish men who follow the so often discussed “heroin chic” tradition. Bjorn Buckley falls distinctly into the latter group. He obviously spends some time at the gym, but in comparison to the bulked-up Den Wok or Adam Fletcher, he’s a skinny fellow. Not that his slender body is necessarily a bad attribute; Buckley joins models Adam Almqvist, Lucas White and countless others in the skinny-fit embrace of the modeling trend.

Bjorn Buckley brings the look for photographer Darren Black. The black and white series, which was shot for Male Model Scene, shows off the star-tattooed model’s contorting body and sneering face. Buckley poses in black boxer briefs against a standard gray background, demonstrating his command of the lens. Black, meanwhile, has created a raw and unadorned gallery that focuses on Black’s natural form. Black shoots images of Buckley’s thin body stretching, turning around, leaning and slouching. The result is an honest look at the PRM London model.

Are you partial to the “heroin chic” look or do you prefer that models bulk-up? Check out the series below and let us know what you think about this fresh face, Bjorn Buckley.

Photo credit: Darren Black, Male Model Scene

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