Ashton Kutcher in Boxer Briefs and More Celeb Undies Sightings

Ashton Kutcher Image

This week in celebrity underwear sightings, we got quite the view of Ashton Kutcher in boxer briefs on CBS’s Two and a Half Men. Wearing a ball gag and strapped to a bed, Kutcher wears gray boxer briefs for a conservative look that we’d expect from the show. What’s the story behind the image? You’ll have to ask your grandmother what happened in the episode.

We also got a glimpse of Adam Levine in Calvin Klein Underwear. Following Levine’s professed love of undergarments, we now have photographic evidence that the Maroon 5 singer does in fact have good taste.

Finally, Pitbull was spotted wearing Under Armour on the set of a new music video. He clearly hasn’t been spending a ton of time in the gym, but his choice of underwear is a good one so we have to give him props.

Other celebrity underwear sightings this week included Liam Payne, Daniel James, Evan Peters, Josh Duhamel and a confused looking Steven Tyler.

Check out the gallery below and let us know who you think looked best. Is Ashton Kutcher in boxer briefs the sighting of the week or does Adam Levine take the underwear prize?

For more information about these brands: Calvin Klein Underwear, Under Armour

Photo Credit: Boxers or Briefs, Celeb Undies Blog, CBS, FX