Zac Efron Underwear Sighting: Paperboy Stills

It’s hard to imagine a month going by without a Zac Efron underwear sighting. The actor appeared in The Paperboy, a film by Lee Daniels about a reporter (Matthew McConaughey) and his younger brother (Efron) returning home to investigate the details surrounding an inmate on death row (John Cusack). The film was released to mixed reviews on October 5th after a showing at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Whether you’re planning on seeing the film in theaters or not, we’ve got the relevant stills you know you don’t want to miss.  We saw Zac Efron in his briefs for The Paperboy trailer, and now we’ve got an entire scene cut down into stills that are just packed with Efron-whitey-tighty action. FACT: Zac actually picked out the pair himself. The briefs are period appropriate and therefore rather bland, but as the actor said in an interview with Advocate, “there weren’t really a lot of choices.”

Have you seen The Paperboy? Check out the Zac Efron underwear sighting stills below and let us know if this beast of a Zac Efron underwear sighting has piqued your interested in his new film.