West Phillips and C-IN2 Get Rugged

West Phillips and C-in2 Image

In an exclusive shoot for The Underwear Expert, the talented West Phillips photographs two models wearing the C-IN2 Filthy Jockstrap and the Low No-Show Brief. The models, Gio Santos and Victor Manuel, pose and bend in the rugged setting for the series. West Phillips and C-IN2 sounded like the perfect combination, and as you can see below, the match up resulted in a rugged set of images that showcases the brand and the models well.

Speaking on the models, West Phillips commented, “I have worked with both of them several times individually, but for this shoot I wanted to bring them together.”

We’re glad he did. The South Florida based models show off their strengths in turn, as they wear the C-IN2 Filthy Collection with a devil-may-care attitude.

“I love the entire C-IN2 line and especially the Filthy line,” Phillips continued. “I wanted to capture the essence of masculinity and sexuality from the models wearing the Filthy line and figured the best way was to showcase them in a setting of urban decay.”

The C-in2 Filthy collection, which was released last March and updated in August of this year, combines distressed and faded fabrics with a monochromatic tie-dye. “The collection is built on our concept of creating underwear that looks dirty or used,” C-in2 Creative Director Gregory Sovell told The Underwear Expert.

The series was shot in September, 2012 at Miami Beach. Check out the gallery below. Click here for more information on West Phillips Photography.

For more information about this brand: C-IN2

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