Oliver Cheshire for FTAPE

Oliver Cheshire for FTAPE Image

Twenty-three year old Oliver Cheshire might just have the most impressive set of abs we’ve seen in a long time. Hertfordshire-born Cheshire, who is part of Select Model Management, stripped down to a pair of Calvin Klein Bold briefs in a black and white shoot. Daniel Jaems photographed Oliver Cheshire for FTAPE in this series titled Obsession #3.

Although currently best known for being the boyfriend of British singer Pixie Lott, Cheshire is making some headway in the modeling world and this new gallery shows us just what Pixie and Select Model Management see in the guy. His core is astounding. He has the sort of washboard abs you could literally grab onto with both hands.

Cheshire’s modeling success doesn’t just come from his time in the gym, however. The young man’s angelic face and piercing eyes make it hard to turn away from Jaems’ photos. He does the fingers-through-the-hair brooding look so well, it’s a wonder he’s a relatively fresh face. After a shoot like this, we’re pretty sure that there will be a lot more of Oliver to be seen in the future.

Does Oliver Cheshire for FTAPE do it for you? Check out the gallery below and let us know what you think.

For more information about this brand: Calvin Klein Underwear

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