Roughhouse With the Patriota Twins


When it comes to the Patriota twins, one thing is certain: they like to be irreverent. The last time we saw the rambunctious Patriota boys, they were posing for the July issue of Attitude Magazine. Now Marcos and Marcio are back, wearing Emporio Armani briefs for photographer Damon Baker. The brothers have not lost their wild side. They pose and roughhouse in a series of intentionally grainy, sepia toned photos. The Patriota twins flip off the camera and are caught semi-candidly by Baker, who makes a special point to play with the natural lighting of the images. He places them against bare white wall and shoots their silhouettes in front of a window to give the photos a casual, spontaneous feel. While this series is quite different from the more traditional orchestration in Attitude Magazine, it is no less effective and it gives a fun new perspective on some familiar faces.

For more information about this brand: Emporio Armani

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