Young Andy Roddick Catches Rays


In recognition of Andy Roddick’s announcement last week that he is retiring from professional tennis after the US Open, The Underwear Expert has uncovered (with the help of Sports Illustrated) this rare shot of the former world number one wearing floral board shorts in Miami back in 2000. He may look a little scrawny at only 18 years old, but Andy Roddick had already achieved great things in his sport as the number one junior in the world. Winning the US Open in 2003, Andy Roddick has led a new generation of men’s tennis players for the past 10 years.

Andy Roddick at 18

Andy Roddick’s career has been overshadowed by such all-time greats as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, but the volatile American’s success is perhaps even more impressive in this golden age of tennis champions–we’ll give him a pass here on the board shorts. He’s only 18 and he ultimately managed to land supermodel Brooklyn Decker (after seeing her in an issue of Sports Illustrated no less). Still, could you imagine the improvements a pair of trunks might make? We’d recommend one of these from the French brand, HOM. Another fine option would be these swimwear briefs from 2EROS, released earlier this year.

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Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

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