Trend Report: Lace Underwear for Men?

It’s estimated that 10% of men who buy women’s underwear buy it for themselves. Who knew? This could be because some men just really like women’s underwear (Rocky Horror, anyone?) or maybe that 10% is on to something.

Remember a few years back when guys started wearing women’s jeans because the lower rise fit better? This then gender bending trend only lasted a year or so before the men’s brands started making their own low-rise versions. The latest men’s fashion trend to take a cue from the other side of the gender divide very well could be lace underwear made especially for men. Though the trend is far from mainstream, it’s definitely worth discussing. It’s out there and very well could be coming to a man near you!

Though considered a behind-closed-doors taboo, a subculture of men have long gotten their kicks from the same lacy styles that drive their lady friends wild. Sheer, lightweight and undoubtedly sexy; what’s not to love about lace? Men cite every reason in the book for going with lace, from the barely there feeling to the breathability, the sheer texture, and even the fact that it’s just plain sexy and they like exploring their fetishes. Now, brands like Joe Snyder, BodyQ, Good Devil, XDress, Male Power, CandyMan and 3Wishes are catching on and tip-toeing into lace territory providing men a chance to learn what women have known for years: lace is awesome!

Just consider just how many of today’s popular men’s underwear styles started in women’s wear: high-cut briefs, bikinis, thongs and g-strings all started as predominantly for women and now they’re a huge section of the men’s underwear industry.

We’re not talking about women’s lace underwear marketed for men, either. Brands that sell the lacy bottoms all serve up lace with manly twist. Their lace wares range from the typical thong and bikini to more traditionally masculine silhouettes, such as briefs, trunks and boxer briefs. They’re often designed with a contour pouch for an anatomically correct fit and patterns run the gamut, too, from the conventional floral motifs often associated with your grandmother’s doilies to edgier designs like spider webs and skulls. Designs also range from all-lace to just a touch here and there, for men willing to wear lace but not go all the way.

Stay tuned for our favorite lace underwear picks to find a pair that works for you!

For more information about these brands: Joe Snyder, BodyQGood Devil, XDress, Male Power, CandyMan and 3Wishes

Photo Credit: CandyMan (Black Lace, Style 9602), Chad White by Ruven Afanador

24 thoughts on “Trend Report: Lace Underwear for Men?

  1. Undie lover says:

    Been buying womens boyshorts for a couple years. Have always liked the fabric, colors, low rise and fit. Glad to see more styles and options in mens underwear.

  2. Steve says:

    My girlfriend got me wearing her lace undies as a bedroom turnon for her.. now I’m hooked..think its a brilliant idea that mens brands are making them.. will definitely be a customer.

    • Rupertbare says:

      Steve dear man, have you started into stockings and suspenders yet?????? Lets face it admit that your a transvestite, and have done with it, you big sissy……

  3. Tom says:

    It is getting time that we as guys can wear lace panties or stockings. I wear leggings and nylons for the last 10 or so years and to my biggest surprise so does my two twin brother ,which I only found out last month

  4. Hal says:

    Depeding on nothing more than mood, I wear everything from regular guys boxer briefs to womens’ silk lace panties, and really, why not? BTW: the panties are much nicer!! So this is great.

  5. truknights says:

    for me its ab out sensuality…the feel good effect…slips are real nice they dont bunch up in the thigh groin areas…and my penis feels great in the lush nylon/statin/lace…so comfitable…im heterosexual…i can wear anything…dont you think…?

  6. erik69 says:

    I just started wearing panties and I really love everything VS has and most of all they have many specials. being a straight man in his 50s this was something new to me but it just felt right because it holds everything up better and there are so many colors and choices to pick from. Men should all just try it and you will be hooked.

  7. smoothshaven says:

    I have worn lace panties and tops for many years and they feel so sensual when you wear them. I have mostly black and white lace which suits me fine. I adore  fact they are see through which adds to the pleasure of wearing them. Thongs,g strings and shorts gives me a nice choice too. Wearing lace top stockings completes my outfit. It feels so erotic just writing these words!

  8. Sam T says:

    I’m 40 and straight. I’ve been wearing womens underwear for years…. Forget taboo, I like silk thongs in summer as they’re way more comfortable and support is better. Bikini briefs are great too and French knickers are perfect in winter. Breathable, comfortable and light, plus there’s more choice.

  9. Bernard says:

    I have been wearing lace panties for over 20 years. I started with satin briefs from Victoria’s Secret. 3-4 months later a lady gave me a bikini with lace and I was excited and my 2nd gift was a half panty with gorgeous lace band from Olga! I wore the bikini first and then the Olga panty. Wow. I wnt from 1 mirror to another and for the first time I felt feminine wearing panties! What a terrific feeling! I committed to go all the way in the future and wear only panties with lace.. Now all my purchases are 100% lace. Wacoal and Olga silky nylon always fit perfectly!

  10. gym says:

    Some one [an entire industry] is missing something here! Filter out stigma and preconceived notions of what “should be”, and you might just be surprised what people actually LIKE. I am a guy. Me wearing panties is not going to make me go blind. However on a really hot day, a pair of “good fitting” light weight panties makes the difference between having a pleasant day or suffering from crotch rot from bunched up boxers. What would you choose?

  11. chriscan says:

    Why should women have all the fun of wearing frilly things. I been wearing female undies since I was very young. Mom never found out as far as I know as well as my x wife. It’s nice to wear girly things in the comfort of my home.

  12. Pink Penny says:

    I have been wearing panties since I was a very young child. My mother saw me wearing a pair of her panties around the house. She did not freak out and yell at me. What she did is sit me down and asked me why I was wearing her panties. I said that I liked the way they looked and felt. She explained to me that only girls wear panties not boys. As I was very young I told my mother that I wanted to wear her panties then threw a fit. She never said during are talk that I couldn’t wear panties. She told me to calm down and explained to me that I couldn’t wear her panties because they were to big on me and she didn’t want me to get them dirty or tear them.
    My mother as as I grew up I relized that she was very understanding and wise. During our little talk she said that I could wear panties but only my own.
    A week went by then one day she came home with as I recall seven pairs of panties. They were all nylon and very frilly and different colors. She handed me a pair and told me to try on the pair to see how they fit. From then on I wore my own panties and have been since I was very young.
    I was a only child and my mother was divorced and never married again. Many of my cousins I found out later on that many of my cousins we’re crossdressers. That’s why my mother let me wear my own panties because she felt that I would grow up to be a Crossdresser to. Eventually I started wearing nighties.
    I’m sixty years old and I dress as women everyday. Been married for over thirty years. My enfem name is Pink Penny and my wife has known about Pink Penny way before we married.
    I have met so many men that wear panties everyday and most of them dress up in other garments.
    Here is my point men that wear panties daily or dress up as a complete women. I would say that eighty percent of men keep from their wife’s friends and family that they wear panties or other things. They are so deep in the closet they will never come out. There will never be a movement by men who wear panties because they are afraid that their wife’s will leave them and so on. The gay movement had so many people fighting for their cause. This will never happen if you are a CD or what ever you like to wear. This is my opinion and many of you my not agree with me.

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