5 Favorite Calvin Klein Models

by Danny Schmittler

Finding a good looking Calvin Klein Underwear model is easier than picking out underwear to put on in the morning. Deciding which is your favorite, however, is an entirely different story. We’ve narrowed the many Calvin Klein Underwear (and swimwear) models out there down to five, including some celebrity favorites like Marky Mark and Kellan Lutz, to help you pick your fave. So, who’s it gonna be?



  1. Queer Heaven says:

    Of all the underwear models over the years, I still think that Marky Mark is the hottest. I only wish he would do another CK campaign…. he still looks amazing!

  2. daniel bisson says:

    yes i agree still has that hot look marky mark is great

  3. Bill Gay, Jr. says:

    My fave was Antonio Sabato, Jr.!!!

  4. Warren Keith Humphrey says:

    I’m all about Vladimir Ivanovov. He looks great in your underwear, wonder how he looks out of them? :)

  5. Can someone tell me the name of the models?

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