Underwear Translations Around the World


Did you know there are over 60 ways to say underwear?  With the help of the interwebs and our friends across the world, we’ve collected every translation of our favorite piece of apparel we could get our hands on.  You never know,  these translations could come in handy when you need to impress a foreign guest, worldly friend, or when you’re stranded in the Icelandic countryside with no underwear.

So, grab a pair of your favorite nærbuxurnar’s and check out this list we’ve compiled.  Warning: You’re on your own for pronunciation!

Afrikaans: onderklere Japanese: 下着
Albanian: të brendshme Kannada: ಒಳ ಚಡ್ಡಿ
Arabic: الملابس الداخلية Korean: 속옷
Armenian: ներքնազգեստ Latin: INTERULUS
Azerbaijani: dəyişək Latvian: apakšveļa
Basque: barruko arropa Lithuanian: apatiniai
Belarusian: ніжняе бялізну Macedonian: долна облека
Bengali: আন্ডারওয়্যার Malay: seluar dalam
Bulgarian: бельо Maltese: ħwejjeġ ta ‘taħt
Catalan: roba interior Norwegian: undertøy
Chinese: 内衣 Persian: لباس زیر
Croatian: donje rublje Polish: bielizna
Czech: spodní prádlo Portuguese: roupa interior
Danish: undertøj Romanian: lenjerie de corp
Dutch: ondergoed Russian: нижнее белье
Estonian: aluspesu Serbian: доње рубље
Filipino: damit na panloob Slovak: spodné prádlo
Finnish: alusvaatteet Slovenian: spodnje perilo
French: sous-vêtements Spanish: ropa Interior
French Slang (Quebec): bobettes Spanish (Men’s Underwear): calzoncillos
Galician: roupa interior Spanish (Men’s Underwear Slang): chones
German: unterwäsche Swahili: chupi
Greek: εσώρουχα Swedish: underkläder
Gujarati: અંદરથી પહેરવાનું વસ્ત્ર કે વસ્ત્રો Tamil: உள் ஆடை
Haitian Creole: kilòt Telugu: లోపలి ఉడుపు
Hebrew: תחתונים Thai: ชุดชั้นใน
Hindi: अंडरवियर Turkish: iç çamaşırı
Hungarian: fehérnemű Ukrainian: нижню білизну
Icelandic: nærbuxurnar Urdu: انڈرویر
Indonesian: pakaian dalam Vietnamese: đồ lót
Irish: éadaí Welsh: dillad isaf
Italian: biancheria intima Yiddish: ונטערוועש

Please, if we’ve made a mistake or you have something to add, e-mail us at [email protected]


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